Thomas Hine quoted, “ In the average half-hour trip to the supermarket, 30,000 products vie for the shoppers attention.”

In a day, a typical adult has potential daily exposures to about 600-625 ads in any form of media. *

Increasingly we are exposed to hundreds of messages, each that tries to grab our attention and burden us with an overload of products, services, brands, jargons, features, add-ons....the list is endless. Advertising has now caught up with us like never before creating blind-spots in media consumption. Lost in this clutter of an over-communicated world, the messages that get through to us are the ones most simple. To stay ahead of technological evolution and be under the eye of the media convergence storm, if you cannot describe it simply, you cannot use it simply. That's why simplicity is the new competitive advantage. Which is where we come in.

Our effort and philosophy is to be relevant and significant to the changing times, not a bigger-better-me-too agency. Opposing the shopworn tendency to be different while “dumbing-down” ads or “jazzing-up” campaigns, we are here to achieve the clever and witty. Our collective knowledge and unifying passion is spent in giving our clients an exhilarating cognitive experience for their brands whilst uncomplicating the consumer experience sending home the most effective message.

Our raison d'etre is simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With this quote, Leonardo Da Vinci's genius is a revelation that what is simple is indeed the most difficult to create. While media spends will rise and soar, brands will gain and lose equity, products will thrive die, and re-emerge, we will strive to deliver simplicity in all its beauty, clarity and purity.

* According to the Media Dynamics publication, Media Matters.

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