Roof and Floor

One of Hindu Group's prized possessions, the web portal needed to relaunch and we won the creative duties for the brand. A 360 degree marketing strategy was devised to help the brand achieve maximum traction through the campaign period and establish them as a strong player in the online space.


Roof and Floor part of The Hindu group was grappling with Identity Issues. The task was to craft a communication campaign that will make Roof and Floor more visible and generate enquiries as well.


Roof and Floor's business model was to enable the customer purchase a home without the customer having to run around for anything. Which meant that Roof and Floor would do everything for the customer. From identifying the home, talking to the builder and doing all the paper work. This had to be communicated in a creative way in order to evoke interest and curiosity. The core thought was, if Roof and Floor did everything for the customer and helped him buy a home and removed the pain out of his life, all that the customer needed in order to move in to a new home were just the basic necessities.

Chaitanya Michelin