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Online advertising in India is clicking fast even though 95% of the Rs. 10,000 Crore advertising market is captured mostly by television and print media. Despite its late entry during yesteryears, online advertising is now growing steadily, translating to a 40% increase in terms of advertisers and brand count during festive seasons. According to, India has at least 60 million Internet users out of a population of over a billion people which is roughly 5.3% of the total population. Thus, with deeper Internet penetration coupled with a technology savvy audience in towns and cities, the total number of Internet users in India is charted to grow to 100 million by the year 2010*. The result - a more Internet savvy nation!

To the urban Indian, the Internet is a viable, convenient and efficient source of reliable information, apart from word-of-mouth, viral marketing and other contemporary media. The audience you target is not passive anymore. They are online.

An extension of a branding strategy, web-branding is a potent method that improves awareness and consumer perception of brands. Influencing people consciously and subconsciously, web-branding adds intangible assets to the brand-building process of any company, irrespective of the nature or size of business.

Keeping up with the revolution of changing advertising methods, we offer an array of web-branding services that gives your business a meaningful presence in cyberspace.

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* A NASSCOM 2007 Report

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