We paired up with a local NGO in Chennai, to identify and honour 6 transgender individuals. Aeshaane, a leading fashion label collaborated with us for this project to weave the special, cruelty-free Ahimsa Silk Collection. This collection adorned by our transgender models was beautifully photographed by India’s ace photographer, Ritam Banerjee and these visual masterpieces were then transformed into a calendar that embodied an intriguing story.


To highlight the unique Ahimsa Silk used by Aeshaane, and in turn spread awareness about the life and the struggles of the transgender community around the world, especially in India, through the intrinsic comparison of the transgender community and the silkworm.

Aeshaane Calender Design - Depicting Ahimsa Silk


A stark similarity between the life of a silkworm and the transgender community was identified - the struggles and the evolution process. A special collection of sarees made from 'Ahimsa' Silk, was crafted by Aeshaane for the identified transgender individuals and was shot by Ritam Banerjee. These pictures were then used to craft the Thiru.Nangai story - Thiru meaning 'Man' and Nangai meaning 'Princess' in Tamil. Therefore ThiruNangai means a Princess trapped in the body of a Man. ‘Thi.Na’, a scripture for transgender people, was specially written that spoke about the struggles of both - the silkworm and the transgender community.

The Hindu Sunrisers Hyderabad