Chaitanya Foundations

A niche real estate player in Chennai, Chaitanya was known as a brand for its uber luxury homes which allowed us to cater to a tasteful audience segment. We conceived unique, artsy brochures for their prized projects across the city and carried out the task of redesigning their website. We were also presented with the opportunity to design their annual calendars to complement the brand perception and its products.


To design a vibrant annual calendar for Chaitanya, depicting the significance of Indian festivals.


We designed an artistic calendar that adopted Bohemian-style illustrations to depict the true spirit each Indian festival. Festivals were chosen carefully to ensure a balanced representation of religious/cultural diversity. Each character was sketched meticulously and given a unique form, without the influence of ethnic stereotypes, to create a cast as eclectic as India.

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Annual Calendar for Chaitanya - February
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