Michelin is the world’s leader in tyre technology for all automotive segments. Over 7 rewarding years, we have slowly and steadily won the brand’s confidence and are now the agency of choice for their entire internal and corporate communications. We are also the agency on record that oversees their Truck & Bus, Passenger Car and 2 Wheeler consumer tyre segments. As a part of this collaboration, we have executed the environment branding for their UCH facility, their R&D Centres and Corporate Offices across India, including the identity for their 125th year anniversary.


Michelin has been a part of automobile and motor sport history, and has contributed to all its various forms. The objective was to showcase its rich history, to show all its achievements and to inspire employees at Michelin.


The Michelin Vitrine displays Michelin's achievements in all spheres of life and it's various segments. It talks about the longstanding affair with motor sport and how it has contributed to not just participate but to shape the various motor sporting events. It also throws light on all the major inventions and contributions Michelin has made to automobiles. Located at the entrance of the administrative block at the Michelin UCH site in Chennai, this branding element serves as a museum of Michelin's legacy and inspires employees and visitors alike, to be a part of it's glorious world.

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